2019 Regular Season Schedule

Teams in the Northeastern Wisconsin Baseball League play one another four times (two at home and two on the road). All games are nine innings unless it is part of a double-header, in which each game is a seven-inning contest.

06/03/19SheboyganMenashaSHE 6 , MEN 2Koslo Park
06/05/19AppletonSheboyganAPP 10 , SHE 9Wildwood Baseball Park
06/06/19SheboyganGreen BaySHE 5 , GB 4VandenPlas Field
06/06/19MenashaAppletonAPP 4 , MEN 1USA Sports Complex
06/11/19Green BayAppletonAPP 12 , GB 1USA Sports Complex
06/12/19Green BaySheboyganPPDWildwood Baseball Park
06/13/19MenashaGreen BayMEN 5 , GB 3VandenPlas Field
06/17/19Green BayMenasha7:15 PMKoslo Park
06/18/19SheboyganAppleton7:30 PMUSA Sports Complex
06/20/19AppletonMenasha7:15 PMKoslo Park
06/24/19MenashaSheboygan7:30 PMWildwood Baseball Park
06/25/19AppletonGreen Bay7:30 PMVandenPlas Field
07/01/19SheboyganGreen Bay7:30 PMVandenPlas Field
07/08/19Green BayMenasha7:15 PMKoslo Park
07/09/19Green BayAppleton7:30 PMUSA Sports Complex
07/10/19AppletonSheboygan7:30 PMWildwood Baseball Park
07/11/19AppletonMenasha7:15 PMKoslo Park
07/16/19Green BaySheboygan7:30 PMWildwood Baseball Park
07/17/19MenashaSheboygan7:30 PMWildwood Baseball Park
07/18/19AppletonGreen Bay7:30 PMVandenPlas Field
07/22/19SheboyganMenasha7:30 PMKoslo Park
07/23/19SheboyganAppleton7:30 PMUSA Sports Complex
07/24/19MenashaGreen Bay7:30 PMVandenPlas Field
07/25/19MenashaAppleton7:30 PMUSA Sports Complex