2017 Regular Season Schedule

Teams in the Northeastern Wisconsin Baseball League play a 20-game league schedule, with each team playing one another four times (two at home and two on the road). All games are nine innings, unless it is part of a double-header, in which each game is a seven inning contest.

05/27/17MarinetteSheboyganSHE 1 , MAR 0Wildwood Baseball Park
05/27/17MarinetteSheboyganSHE 4 , MAR 3Wildwood Baseball Park
06/01/17SheboyganManitowocSHE 20 , MAN 0Municipal Field
06/02/17SheboyganAppletonSHE 7 , APP 5USA Sports Complex
06/05/17SheboyganMenashaMEN 2 , SHE 1Koslo Park
06/06/17AppletonManitowocAPP 11 , MAN 0Municipal Field
06/07/17Green BayMarinetteGB 3 , MAR 0Charles D Pedersen Park
06/10/17MarinetteManitowocMAR 9 , MAN 4Municipal Field
06/10/17MarinetteManitowocMAR 11 , MAN 4Municipal Field
06/13/17AppletonSheboyganAPP 5 , SHE 2Wildwood Baseball Park
06/15/17Green BayMenashaMEN 11 , GB 1Koslo Park
06/15/17ManitowocSheboyganSHE 14 , MAN 0Wildwood Baseball Park
06/16/17ManitowocGreen BayGB 10 , MAN 0VandenPlas Field
06/16/17MarinetteAppletonMAR 5 , APP 4USA Sports Complex
06/19/17Green BayManitowocGB 1 , MAN 0Municipal Field
06/20/17AppletonMenashaAPP 7 , MEN 4Koslo Park
06/21/17Green BaySheboyganGB 3 , SHE 2Wildwood Baseball Park
06/22/17MarinetteAppleton7:30 PMUSA Sports Complex
06/26/17MenashaSheboygan7:30 PMWildwood Baseball Park
06/26/17ManitowocAppleton7:30 PMUSA Sports Complex
06/26/17MarinetteGreen Bay7:30 PMVandenPlas Field
06/27/17ManitowocMenasha7:15 PMKoslo Park
06/28/17AppletonGreen Bay7:30 PMVandenPlas Field
06/29/17MenashaGreen Bay7:30 PMVandenPlas Field
06/29/17AppletonMarinette7:30 PMCharles D Pedersen Park
06/30/17MenashaManitowoc7:30 PMMunicipal Field
07/05/17Green BayMenasha7:15 PMKoslo Park
07/05/17AppletonSheboygan7:30 PMWildwood Baseball Park
07/06/17MenashaAppleton7:30 PMUSA Sports Complex
07/07/17Green BayMarinette7:30 PMCharles D Pedersen Park
07/10/17ManitowocMenasha7:15 PMKoslo Park
07/11/17MenashaSheboygan7:30 PMWildwood Baseball Park
07/11/17Green BayManitowoc7:30 PMMunicipal Field
07/12/17SheboyganAppleton7:30 PMUSA Sports Complex
07/13/17Green BaySheboygan7:30 PMWildwood Baseball Park
07/15/17MenashaMarinette1:30 PMCharles D Pedersen Park
07/15/17MenashaMarinette4:00 PMCharles D Pedersen Park
07/17/17SheboyganManitowoc7:30 PMMunicipal Field
07/18/17SheboyganGreen Bay7:30 PMVandenPlas Field
07/18/17AppletonManitowoc7:30 PMMunicipal Field
07/19/17AppletonGreen Bay7:30 PMVandenPlas Field
07/24/17SheboyganMenasha7:15 PMKoslo Park
07/24/17ManitowocGreen Bay7:30 PMVandenPlas Field
07/24/17AppletonMarinette7:30 PMCharles D Pedersen Park
07/25/17MenashaManitowoc7:30 PMMunicipal Field
07/26/17Green BayAppleton7:30 PMUSA Sports Complex
07/27/17MenashaGreen Bay7:30 PMVandenPlas Field
07/28/17ManitowocSheboygan7:30 PMWildwood Baseball Park
07/29/17SheboyganMarinette1:00 PMCharles D Pedersen Park
07/29/17SheboyganMarinette3:30 PMCharles D Pedersen Park
07/31/17ManitowocAppleton7:30 PMUSA Sports Complex
08/01/17AppletonMenasha7:15 PMKoslo Park
08/03/17MarinetteMenasha7:15 PMKoslo Park
08/05/17ManitowocMarinette4:00 PMCharles D Pedersen Park